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Integrating your CV and Social Media Profiles

Integrating your CV and Social Media Profiles
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13 Nov 2015

With the increasing use of social media to network and find jobs it is becoming very important to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete with both a suitable picture and key information.

Furthermore, that this is consistent with the information presented on your CV.  You may have multiple skills but a recruiter or hiring manager has to easily identify your key skills, experience and career direction.  Many recruiters and hirers automatically check social media profiles when screening candidates, especially if digital marketing skills will form part of the job role.

Most candidates will take the time to write their CV, they will edit it and check it before presenting it for a job application, so it is worth considering that this is now only part of an integral toolset for securing an interview and job offer.  You may like to make it easier for the hirer to screen your CV by putting in relevant web links so that they can quickly identify with company you are working for, any relevant blogs you have written and your LinkedIn profile. Candidates that stand out have taken the time to ensure consistency is apparent in style, information, orientation and facts, between their CV and social media profile/s, rather as you would ensure the consistency of a brand when marketing a product. It goes without saying that social media used on a personal basis, which has a public profile, should also reflect a consistent image and the integrity of your on-line reputation.

Sue Payne


November 2015