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New Recruiter

23 Jun 2015

Whilst Match Recruitment is still firmly focused on recruiting commercial office, marketing and sales staff, we hired a new Recruiter – Susie Marguet in February, who has a background in Technical Engineering recruitment spanning 25 years.

As an experienced Recruitment Consultant Susie is adding value to the business in a number of ways and is also able to offer clients in the technical and scientific engineering sector an additional recruitment service to match their needs. This diversification is proving valuable in securing new business and to date, we have been successful in winning a number of new clients.

Recruitment Expertise

In 2015, recruitment continues to experience rapid change to meet business needs and on-line recruitment processes.  The hunt for talent and the pressure on margins continues and we find that we are working with a greater number of businesses, particularly smaller businesses that require an external partner for their recruitment.  SMEs, particularly those in a significant stage of growth, often rely on hard-pressed Directors and Managers to undertake recruitment of new staff and this is not always cost effective.  Advertising as a one off, is expensive with uncertain results and it takes time to identify and interview candidates with no certainty of a successful outcome.  With our recruitment expertise we have the resources in place to find suitable candidates, the experience to identify them and we put in the time to ensure they match the requirements and expectations of the hiring company.

A greater proportion of time is now spent on search – via online search engines and social media to target candidates that fulfil the skills and experience required by employers and we also have considerable response through advertising on job boards.  After dedicating time to resourcing and screening, we then move swiftly to interview selected candidates, initially by phone to ascertain suitability and fully brief candidates. We then tend to meet candidates “in the field” at a location convenient to them and when we have a position of definite interest to them.  This enables the recruitment process to proceed without the hindrance of getting to our offices to register.  This swift and efficient process that helps to secure a positive experience at interview stage and beyond for both clients and candidates. We also undertake pre-employment checks and references as required.