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Sue Payne


What can I expect when I apply for a job with Match Recruitment?

23 Aug 2016

If you are seeking work, you will notice that most positions are now advertised on-line via a mix of website, job advertising boards and social media.

When you apply for a job with Match Recruitment we will use these methods as well as internal and external database searches to find candidates that match the job requirements.


Is the position still available?

04 May 2017

This is a question we are frequently asked.  We can advise that all our advertised positions are current and not yet filled!


Find Me! – Tips for Candidates

24 Nov 2017

We now proactively source candidates in a variety of ways, from candidates registered on our database, through to advertising on various job boards, social media – including Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter and increasingly by direct search on external databases.