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Celebrating 25 years in business!

01 Sep 2014

Match Recruitment Services has recently completed 25 years in business!  As we celebrate this achievement, we reflect over the period and how recruitment has changed.  

Today, when we search through data on our database, glide in and out of Linkedin profiles, parse in CVs and publish adverts on-line immediately - it is such a different world to 1989!  At that time, candidates came into register with CV in hand and their details were in a paper flip up index file! To get CVs to a client quickly you either faxed them or hand delivered them!  If you were really lucky you could share one PC with a team of colleagues to enable faster typing of documents – no internet of course!  It took 3 or more days to get a new job advertised in the local press and the bag with your daily post was a heavy sack!  Demand for temporary as well as permanent office staff was huge, as office work was so time consuming and needed so many support staff.

However, as technology has transformed speed and efficiency and permanently changed the processes of recruitment and office work - the essence of it – finding a suitable candidate to fill a position and add value to the organisation, has not changed.  Exceptional candidates that meet the needs of a complex and evolving market are always in demand, hard to find and challenging to retain.  Many of our clients – small, medium and large enterprises have used our services for upwards of 10 years, some even for the full 25 years and we know that this is mainly due to our ability to keep delivering excellent candidates that develop and grow within their businesses.  By placing equal emphasis on to our candidate relations and to getting the right career move for them, we also attract large numbers of referrals and recommendations.

Thank you to all those clients, candidates and temporary staff – we look forward to continuing to work with you!