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Is the position still available?

by Sue Payne

04 May 2017

This is a question we are frequently asked.  We can advise that all our advertised positions are current and not yet filled!

You may notice that some positions are advertised for quite a while.  This is due to the hiring organisation being very specific about the skills and experience required for the job and it can sometimes take a while to find the right candidate for each position. If you have 85% or more of the required skills and experience it is definitely worth applying especially if you have a good work history.  Do not assume that because the advert has been posted for a while it has been filled or there is something untoward about it.

Timing also plays a vital part.  Whilst positions are open, circumstances around them can change quickly.  If a strong candidate applies, clients will normally start the interview process quickly and will not necessarily wait for further CVs.  Sometimes, this means that a position can move from being at CV stage to second interview stage within days which can be disappointing for candidates that apply at the later stage.  At other times we get to offer stage only to find the successful candidate turns the position down and we are starting again!  Against this flurry of activity the best thing candidates can do is apply to relevant jobs quickly after seeing the job advert and also to alert recruiters to their job search.

Match Recruitment Services is committed to providing an excellent service to both clients and work-seekers and you can expect to be updated with an accurate position on the current status of each job once we agree with you to submit your CV.

Sue Payne