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Find Me! – Tips for Candidates

24 Nov 2017

We now proactively source candidates in a variety of ways, from candidates registered on our database, through to advertising on various job boards, social media – including Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter and increasingly by direct search on external databases.

We regularly search CVs and set up watchdog alerts on major job boards to find suitable candidates. It can be very helpful if you are a candidate looking for work urgently, to effectively be “found” by a recruiter looking for a specific set of skills or experience.  To maximise your chance of a recruiter finding you and identifying a good job match for you, the following tips may help:

  • Keep your profile up-to-date with your latest job title and salary, if this “front door” is not clearly marked you could be missed for a relevant job. Ensure there are no spelling mistakes here!
  • Put your contact details including e-mail on the CV so that if the recruiter downloads the CV they can contact you easily.
  • Don’t tuck the e-mail into the header, this prevents a recruiter from clicking through to your e-mail without going into the header first. A hyperlink in the main body is ideal.
  • Ensure that your CV includes relevant key words for the type of work you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for an “administration” job ensure this word appears in the CV, it is easy to describe this type of work in other terms but without the keyword “administration” you may miss the search engine picking up the details.
  • Recruiters subscribe to the job boards. They may pay for each downloaded CV and spend many hours searching for suitable candidates, so if you are not looking it is helpful to remove your details!

The Recruiter should not use your data i.e. send on without your consent, instead they should contact you to discuss a position and gain your permission to forward on the CV to a hiring company.  However, third parties paying for the search facility include various employers and agencies, possibly even your current employer, so if you don’t want to publicly job search, this is worth bearing in mind.