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GDPR & Privacy Policy

05 Jun 2018

We have recently updated our privacy policy and this can be found in the main article here and at the footer of the website.

25 May 2018

Match Recruitment Services Limited (company number 2381129) is committed to protecting the data and privacy of work-seekers (also referred to as candidates), client hiring organisations and contacts therein (client hirers) and other users of our recruitment services and website. We want to provide a safe and secure user experience. We will ensure that the data obtained or submitted to us is only used for the purposes set out in this policy.

Match Recruitment Services Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Register of Data Controllers as an “employment agency”. An “employment agency” is defined under the Employment Agencies Act (EAA).

Data we collect :

We obtain client hirer’s data and contact information via different means:

  • Website searches of local companies and information publically shown on websites.
  • Information provided by hirers who wish to use our services.

We obtain work-seekers’ data in different ways as defined below:

  • Through a work-seeker making an application to us, usually for a job vacancy displayed on our website or via another job board advertisement.
  • As a subscriber to a third party’s CV database where we will search for work-seekers to fill job vacancies. (When you, as a work-seeker place your CV and contact details on the third party CV database you will have agreed to the terms and conditions of that third party and should refer back to these terms if you have general concerns about how your data is used or accessed by subscribers to the service .)
  • Via contact made direct to you through searches for candidates on social media such as LinkedIn.

Other data that we collect or create:

  • Information relating to an organisation or its job requirements, provided by the client hirer including relevant contact information.
  • Information that is in the general public domain on client hiring organisations.
  • Information provided by work-seekers either on the phone or at a face to face interview with us, that helps us to understand and match work-seekers’ job requirements, skills and experience to job vacancies. This will also include CVs and contact information such as e-mail, address and contact numbers.
  • Transactional data records and correspondence relating to client hirers, job vacancies, work-seekers and recruitment processes.
  • ID of work-seekers and right to work in the UK evidence if this is required e.g. for non-EU citizens. Evidence of qualifications when this is a job requirement.
  • References for work-seekers, obtained with the permission of the work-seeker, to provide to a client hirer.


How the Data is Held and Stored:

Data is submitted or collected principally via e-mail, also via mobile phones or the post.  Thereafter CVs, job records, notes, documents and transactions are stored on a secure devices and on a database provided by a reputable third party provider that takes responsibility for backing up and security of the database. We use a private network for additional security.

We also have historic, limited; transactional, payroll and other information on temporary staff and former employees that we hold on a secure device or in paper format within registered secure offices, to satisfy obligations of HM Revenue and Customs.

Data is held for varying lengths of time to support the legitimate business interests of holding the data and not all the data we receive is saved.  Some of the time it is held is governed by external policy, e.g. Employment Agency Act (EAA) – Conduct Regulations 2003 - requirement to check the ID of work-seekers - this may be held for 2 years; HM Revenue and Customs’ requirements to hold payroll information for 6 years and some related transactional data for up to 6 years. 

Our policy is to not hold data that we don’t require for legitimate business interests or to retain it for longer than is required.  We will therefore review such data and archive or delete it on a regular basis.

Lawful Purpose for Use of Data:

We have a lawful basis for retaining and processing the data that we hold, that we believe fairly balances the rights, freedoms and privacy of the data subjects whilst meeting our requirements to hold such data as required by EAA and HM Customs and Excise and that meets legitimate business interests. These interests include providing consultancy and advisory services and for personnel/employee administration in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Sharing and Disclosure of Work-Seekers’ Data and the Recruitment Process

Once we are able to short-list a work-seeker’s CV for a job we will contact them by phone, e-mail or text alerting them to this and inviting them to a telephone interview with us.  At this stage, we will ask questions and record information given to us to assist us in helping to find a suitable job.  We will discuss the position the work-seeker applied to or was alerted to, or other positions that appear to match their requirements.  We will seek the work-seeker’s permission to share their CV and information provided to us to one or more named hirers, in accordance with the EAA Conduct Regulations 2003 and recognised best practice within the industry. We will confirm that we have shared such information in a follow up e-mail to the work-seeker, also sending a job description or job advert for reference. When submitting an application we may make minor edits or amends to the CV but will discuss and confirm with the work-seeker if any re-writing is advised.

We will maintain transactional data records of jobs that work-seekers are submitted to and the recruitment process.  We will arrange and confirm any interview arrangements and handle any job offers.  We may also assist with any other checks or referencing processes that are required by the client hirer and will keep the work-seekers informed of these processes.  Before the first interview we will seek to meet the work-seeker and will take a copy of their ID and copy of their Right to Work in the UK (should this be required) and retain it to comply with the EAA Conduct Regulations 2003.

We will not disclose or share data with other third parties, without following these processes, with the exception that another regulatory or law enforcement agency require us to do this by law.

Sharing and Disclosing Client Hirer’s Data and the Recruitment Process

When client hirers instruct us to recruit and provide related information such as a job description, salary or benefits we will proactively take steps to fill the job requirement via advertising (without expressly identifying the client hirer) and internal and external database searches.   We will disclose this information to work-seekers - including the identity of the client hirer - before gaining their permission to be submitted for consideration.  It is therefore important that client hirers make us aware of any sensitivities relating to the hiring process, advertising or disclosure of such data via written communication, at the outset, so that we can take steps to protect the data before it comes into the widen domain.

Consent and Sensitive Data

If it becomes necessary to record any sensitive data such as unspent criminal convictions we will ask for consent before disclosing such information to a third party, unless we are legally bound to do so e.g. by a law enforcement agency.

Access to Data:

Only Directors and staff aware of and consenting to this privacy policy will have access to your data.

Third parties who perform functions on our behalf and who also provide services to us, such as professional advisors and IT consultants who have access to our data, for example, to maintain its security must also comply with our Privacy Policy.


We may from time to time contact you with information about our products and services and you have the right to opt out of this at any time.  Please contact us by e-mail if you not wish to receive any marketing information.

Your Access and Control

You have the right to ask us, for a copy of the data relating to you, that we hold, or to delete it. We will ask you to verify your identity and for more information about your request. We may charge an administrative fee for this service, in accordance with the law and will comply with your request within 30 days.  Please note that we may not be able to disclose related data e.g. relating to hirers or specific jobs that would breach the confidentiality of another party or to delete data that we are required by law to hold.

Other Websites

Please note that clicking on links from e-mails or on our website, could result in your transfer to another website - where data privacy practices may be different to that of Match Recruitment Services. Visitors should consult the other websites' privacy policies as we are not responsible for, and have no control over, information that is submitted to or collected by these third parties.

Internet-based Transfers

Given that the Internet is a global environment, using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an ongoing basis. Therefore, by browsing our website and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our processing of personal data in this way.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by Match Recruitment Services at any time. If we change our privacy policy in the future, we will advise you of changes or updates to our privacy policy by a prominent notice on our website. Continued use of this website or our services after such changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

Equal Opportunities

Match Recruitment is an equal opportunities employer and a company committed to diversity. This means that all job applicants and members of staff will receive equal treatment and that we will not discriminate on grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

Use of Cookies

Access our Cookie Policy and read how we abide by the changes also published on the website.


If you have any enquiries you can contact Sue Payne, Director at:

Our registered office is at:

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Published 04 June 2018